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你在线课程开始之前,当务之急是你熟悉的职责和权利,作为学生,你必须在明尼苏达州西部。来做到这一点的最好的方法之一就是通过完成 建议和新生报到.

Attend an 指导 & 注册 Session at a Campus Near You   
Even as an online student, you are welcome to utilize our full range of campus based services, which includes attending a Student 指导 & 注册 session at one of our campuses or centers. In addition to reviewing important information, student services staff will be available to aid you with course registration for the upcoming semester.

  • 如果你是一个学生在入学程序完全在线愿你完成你的D2L新的学生取向。在测验完成后,您可以通过距离acerca会议联系学生顾问服务。

接触 学生服务顾问.